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  • Credentials: Life Coaching / Physiology / Neuroscience /Somatic psychology / Personal Fitness and Wellness Coach
  • Education: Physiology / Fitness Management / Chek institute Holistic Coaching


Heal Yourself. Heal your life.

Natalie Kashani is a self-made Wellness entrepreneur, Mother & Life coach with over 14 years of experience in the industry. Her life story mixed in with her knowledge in trauma-informed education & neuroscience makes her an unstoppable force. Her clients have had huge transformations through her online Group courses, retreats and high-ticket private coaching sessions.

Coaching Style


  • Heal Yourself Group Coaching

    12-weeks Online / Jan 7th 2021

    $ 990.00
  • Private Coaching

    12 Weeks Private mentorship

    $ 4,000.00



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    Natalie helps women love themselves so that they can attract the love & life they desire! 

    As a self-made wellness entrepreneur, mother of 2 & with over 14 years of experience helping women transform, Natalie is a powerhouse in helping you transcend your current situation whatever situation you are in. Natalie specialises in trauma-informed education, neuroscience and somatic psychology. Her own personal experience with behavioural and substance addiction makes her an empathetic and intuitive coach.