Mario is a Productivity Specialist, Technology Expert, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Training Facilitator, Executive Coach and National Learning & Development Manager for Priority Management.

With a natural flare for entertaining, his authentic style and high energy makes him in high demand as a keynote speaker and presenter. His early days of working in the film and TV industry laid the foundation of delivering effective communication and excellence in customer service. A natural leader, Mario facilitates and manages internal and external programs and the latest resources and technology resources for organisations. He leads programs that enable growth and management through Time and Workload Management, Coaching and Communication. Accredited in Priority Management’s Working Smart program series.

He has extensive experience in Leadership Training, Change Management and Team Building. A BA (Mass Communications), Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, and more than ten years experience as a Facilitator and Executive Coach.


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    For over 30 years now, we’ve adhered to the same simple philosophy: results depend on focus. For us, this means empowering people to consciously and purposefully take control of their work.

    We believe that when people learn to recognise and change their subconscious habits – and the way they use technology.

    In short, they regain control of their day and become far more able to focus on what’s really important. They also leave work for the day with a sense of accomplishment rather than failure, and with that comes enhanced job satisfaction and the desire to do even better.