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Our purpose at V Coach Directory is to help coaches grow their business and connect them to aligned clients. With customers’ interests changing, people are motivated more and more by brand impact, clear outcomes, related goals, and accessibility. Created with a marketing and value driven focus, the V Coach Directory offers coaches the opportunity to promote their business on a modern site that is branded and positioned for approachability and results.  

Our directory introduces people to the IDEA of working with a coach and CONNECTS them to the right coach.



1 x Coach Profile Listing
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1 x Event listing
PLUS Business account bio linked to ALL listings
Profile promoted on our website
Profile promoted on client VIP Newsletter
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Why Join the V Coach Directory?

Check out what you get...


Our experienced in-house SEO and marketing specialists focus on promoting V Coach Directory as a top-ranking site. The V Team continuously review site performance measures, optimising exposure to clients through SEOs, PR, social and digital media


For Featured and Organisation accounts, promote your courses, workshops, and events through your integrated business profile and the V Coach Directory search function. All coach listings and promotions drive traffic back to your profile


A V Coach Directory subscription adds a valuable segment to your business sales strategy and marketing mix. On average, by booking in just one client, your return on investment (ROI) will cover your annual subscription cost and more!

Boost your content

Apply to feature in our coach contributed The Village Blog. Each approved article links directly to your business profile and boosts SEOs. Or submit coach insights, discounts, and offers for our VIP client newsletter. Select coaches will also be invited to feature on our audio/visual podcast The Village Coach


Enhance your profile with a brand aligned video, client reviews, your services, coach & company bio, credentials, location, and coaching style. Additionally, Featured accounts receive a dedicated introduction and ongoing support via our social networks, homepage, and the VIP client newsletter

Personalised Experience

Each client can easily locate the right coach by using our core search function, including filtering by coach styles. Both individuals and companies can also employ our personalised Coach Matcher service.
Our passionate V Team are here to help clients connect with coaches like you!